Yunnan Pu'er Tea Old Tree Black Disc

Ripened ("Cooked") Yunnan Pu-Erh Tea Old Tree Black Disc (Cake)

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340 grams (12 oz), about 2 years old. Used about one teaspoon each time for 4-5 cups; one disc is for more than 50 times or 200 cups in total.

Foo Joy trade mark from Hong Kong Tea Clipper Co., Ripened Pu'er loose tea black disc from Yunnan, China.

Pu-Er is completely fermented tea, the only kind of teas that improves with age much like a fine wine. It is a collectable tea. Many Pu-Er tea collectors in Asia treat it as an investment.

Pu-Er loose tea is traditionally compressed into a variety of shapes and sizes for easy storage, included bricks, frisbee discs ("tea cake"), blocks, mushrooms, birds nests or other shape. The most common and famous one is Pu Er Disc. The best comes from the Yunnan province in South-Western China.

Intruduce special Pu-Erh from old tea trees: Click "Famous teas" box bellow.

Ripened Premium Yunnan Loose Pu'er Tea from Old Trees

Package: 227 g (8 oz), loose Yunnan black tea.

The Twin Birds (Brand) Pu-Erh is traditionally enjoyed after a meal to aid indigestion. This tea is carefully processed and unique with its aged character, giving a rich flavor that develops with each successive brew. Use 5-8 grams each time for 4-6 cups regular tea or 2 cups stronger milk tea.

Yunnan Pu'er Tea Black Disc
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