3Ginsengs Tonic Herbal Decaf Green Tea

3Ginsengs Tonic Herbal Decaf Green Tea -Caffeine free

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Package: box of 20 oxygen bleached teabags; Net Wt. 1.34 oz. (38 g); Triple Leaf brand

Ingredients: Naturally decaffeinated green tea leaf, American ginseng root, Asian ginseng root,
Siberian ginseng root, Gynostemma (Jiaogulan) leaf, Astragalus root, Peppermint leaf, 
Chrysanthemum flower, Danelion leaf, White mulberry leaf, Licorice root.

Nutrition Facts and more.

Made by 3 kinds of most famous ginsengs in the world. Just add 1 cup of hot water for each tea bag
to make tea easily and you may add hot water again and again up to 3-4 cups of more tea. 
3 ginseng decaf herbal green tea
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